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Welcome to ScarlettSeo.com

Hey there. My name is Sarra Donathan, owner of Scarlettseo.com. If you are here then you are looking to
increase your company’s business. You want more people to your website and convert those leads into sales that put your business
in the black. Ultimately you are here to find out a little more about us and what we can do for you.

I want to let you know upfront that we aren’t like typical ‘seo companies’. We are a two man gang, a husband and wife,
that love helping companies out. We don’t have a huge seo team. We like to keep everything very personal and for that reason
we do not outsource your SEO or web design. We handle everything ourselves instead of you having to pay for each person in that
seo ‘team’. We are going to show you some examples of our results below as well as examples from our elite mastermind group.
Truth is we are able to give you these incredible results because we are apart of an elite network where collectively we have thousands of websites to test Google updates with. We know how to rank
your site because we have already done it on our sites. The ability to tap into this group’s testing is something that is
invaluable for your business. You might be wondering about pricing, however, you won’t find any one size fits all seo packages
here. The reason is that no two businesses are alike. You wouldn’t want an seo consultant that lumped a national ecommerce
website with a local business. This sort of gimmick only benefits those big companies.

Can Your Customers Find You Online?
When your customers are searching on Google, whether on their smartphone or their computer, can they find your website? Go ahead
and find out. Search your business and your city. For example dentist dayton. How about other terms people might be search, such
as cosmetic dentist in Dayton. If you aren’t found at the top of page one you are losing business! Almost every customer
researches their purchase online and generally only clicks the results in the top of Google.
How Does Social Media Fit In?
Social media is incredibly powerful for two reasons. The first reason is that we use social media with all of our seo.
Let’s be honest Facebook, Yelp, and other social sites are huge. They are also very trusted with Google. Therefore when we
use social media in the seo for your website, the results are powerful. Social media is not something we charge extra for,
but rather think of it as part of a complete seo service and always include it.
The second way is it can increase your revenue before your site is ranking. For example a clothing site promoted on Pinterest or
Instagram can be a explode your business. A hair salon can benefit from coupons and getting real reviews from customers
on sites like Facebook. Point is social media is another way to add to your business.
What if I Have a Local Business and Just Want to Pay for Leads?
According to Seomoz “In 2011, Google received over 3 billion daily searches from around the world, and that number is only
growing.” This number includes both local and national searches. Don’t think because you are a small business you are limited
to flyers and business cards, because you are definitely not. Below is an example of a local plumber’s website.
To be honest his business was struggling. An upfront seo fee wasn’t an option. This plumber was able to increase his business
and only pay for the qualified leads.

His business is anything but struggling now. It dominates Google for all the terms anyone even thinking about a plumber would
type in.


SSA3-1 What If I Do Not Have A Website?
We have many clients that come to us only wanting website design. We can design the kind of website you are proud to have
and can show off to your customers. All our websites are designed with site conversion in mind. Every website has a
goal and in order to be a success it needs to meet that goal. So you might have a phone number you want your customers to
call or contact form you want them to fill out. The goal of that website is to get them to do just that. Also, all our
websites are seo optimized with page titles, pictures, and videos being formated for Google. If you are looking for a website
you love then look at some of these examples below.



This is Great, but I Have a High End Product?
If you have a high end product, you might be wondering how your business compares to that of the local plumber. The example
below is about the gold market. This industry has a minimum investment of $3000. This website became not only an authority in
the gold market with Google listing it #1, but it ranks HIGHER than a yahoo finance article. Yahoo is an incredibly big authority website with lots of trust in Google. The amount of trust this client’s website earned with Google allowed his site to rank for literally hundreds of other keywords without even trying. The term ‘gold ira’ would cost $135 per click to be number one in Google with adwords PPC. This is no small market.


What If my Website Has a Google Penalty?
When companies outsource your seo work or web design they may work with someone that uses outdated seo practices that get your
website penalized. A panda or penguin penalty from Google can be a tough place to be in. It means all your trust is not only
removed from Google but now your site is so untrusted that Google ranks your site lower than brand new websites. As you can
imagine trust with Google is hard to earn back. However there is a possibly it can be done. We can analyze your situation and
see what might be causing the penalty or drop in rankings to see how we can fix it. When we work with client websites that have been penalized or have had a huge drop in their rankings, we recommend using a
second website. We often design and rank a second website that we keep completely separate from the client’s first site. This
way no penalty passes to the new site. This allows our clients to make sales that they wouldn’t have made if we only worked on
their main site.

Why Should I Choose You?
At the end of the day we recognize that choosing who you work with on web design or seo is a very personal decision. You need
someone you trust. We only use whitehat Google approved
methods. This means we don’t use automated software or spam your website in any way. Everything we do is by hand and in such
a way it allows your website’s domain authority to increase. Basically think of domain authority as a number meaning how much
trust your website has. We use trusted sites to link to yours like Facebook, Yelp, Youtube, Press Release websites, etc. These
back links are coming in from incredibly powerful websites and increase the powerfulness of your website. Your website will not
be penalized by our methods. We also test everything beforehand on our elite mastermind group of websites.
This allows us to test our method and
make changes as Google changes. This means your website only uses practice we know we work and be safe. You know that you aren’t
paying a huge seo firm, their secretary, the lead man, and every other person on their ‘team’. With us you are paying for a two
man gang. Someone to rank your website. Which really is all you want to pay for.

We hope you will choose to work with us, but if not we wish your business incredible success!
If you are ready to take your business to the level, we would love to have you. Give us a call at 765-546-7896
(leave a message if we do not answer) or visit our contact us page for a quote and for us to tell you what we can do for your
business. See you on the inside!

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We Don’t:


Spam Your Link Everywhere
Companies promising to give you hundreds and thousands of backlinks to your website. Not only is this no longer
effective, it can also get you website penalized.
Have a Huge SEO Team
Anytime you see a company with a big seo team just know you are paying for each person every month. We keep your
costs low by keeping our costs low. We are a two man gang that gets results.

We Don’t Even Own A Suit
You won’t find us in a fancy office or wearing an expensive suit. Honestly that is just not our style. We are down
to earth and our only goal is helping you and your business.