What Makes Us Different

What makes us different is that you are not paying for a huge company and this is a good thing! You
might be tempted with the promise have having a big team work on your website, but this would be a mistake. What you want
is our two man gang. You do not want to leave your seo and website design to a team of people all waiting on the other
person and no one really knowing what they other guy is doing. Not only do you have a major communication gap, but
you end up paying for every person on that ‘big’ seo team. That fancy office and expensive suit is coming out of your
monthly fee. Do you really want to pay extra for mediocre work? We are able to keep your costs low by keeping our costs
low. We operate out of our home which means you can work on your website anytime day or not to give you the best seo results.
Bottom line is we have just a two man team  , We work hard  to offer your
business what it really needs – results.


Perhaps the biggest difference between us and the other guys is our passion.
Most companies want to put you in a one size fits all seo package, we do not like this model. We know that your business
is unique and your goals are as unique as your business. You might be interested in increasing your revenue by a certain dollar amount or expanding your business to reach additional cities. We feel like crafting your business to be exactly what you want it to be is a very personal process. For that reason we like to be very personal with you. We want to find out your goals and talk about a plan to put your company where you want it. You may not even know all your goals for your business. We can help you figure this out. You may not even have a website. If that is the case we can design a website for you. We offer the complete business solution. What you find is that we are down to earth and everything we do is to helpyou and your business. We are passionate about getting results for you.

>We start by deciding what your goals are for your business and then crafting a plan based on that. In
order to craft this plan and take your company where you want it, we need to scout out your competition. Ultimately the only
thing holding your website back is the other guy. Once we understand the behind the scenes of the other guy, we can craft your
seo strategy to be one step in front of him. There is a lot of data we sift through to find out the important stuff. We look at
things like the trust in Google, page rank, domain and page authority of the websites linking to yours, anchor text of your
backlinks, and whether you have any .edu or .gov backlinks which boost your website’s rank in Google. We look at your
website from a customer’s point of view, focusing on conversion. We combine our analysis of on page and off page seo to
come up with an campaign for you that meets your budget. We want to put your site in front paying customers to bring your
business more sales.

Not Ranked?

Whether you are a fortune 500 company or a small business just starting out, expert search engine optimization can
bring your more customers.


Scarlett Seo provides an indepth look at your competition to see how you stack up.


In depth research to show you which keywords are best for your niche and your bottom dollar.


We work within your budget to provide you budget friendly seo and website services.