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Monthly SEO Plan
This is a set amount every month for seo, social media, and keyword maintenance. This rate does not change as your business increases or your website gets higher in the search engines. If you decide to change the number of keywords we are working on we can readjust your rate. Also if your website is now ranked where you want it and you want to just maintain that ranking we can lower your rate. You will pay less over time typically with this plan because it is a fixed price.

Pay Per Lead SEO
If a monthly seo plan is not right for you, you can choose our pay per lead plan. We create a custom website to market to your clients. We have the leads call a toll free phone number that will ring to your business as long as you use our service. You would just pay for every qualified lead. You'll know the calls are from us because all the calls will say 'Call courtesy of'. All calls are recorded in this plan. You will often pay more for this plan as the price will fluctuate based on the business we give you. However you will have the comfort of only paying for performance.

All seo plans have a one time setup fee of $99. This fee allows us to do keyword research, analyze your competitor's and your backlinks, factor in social media accounts, and come up with a marketing plan based on your needs. Also please understand that quality seo is a process not completed overnight. It takes time to rank for keywords and bring in business. We recommend our clients plan on a 6 month process. However, most typically see results in 3-4 months.

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Scarlett Seo provides an indepth look at your competition to see how you stack up.


In depth research to show you which keywords are best for your niche and your bottom dollar.


We work within your budget to provide you budget friendly seo and website services.